Monday, 18 November 2013

What's the worst that could happen?

So it's November and we were all a bit bored last night.  Debbie was seemingly so bored that she asked me to do a parachute jump with her and I must have been bored enough to agree and we are booking it in for the spring. I am scared of heights and the thought terrifies me and if it all goes horribly wrong we are going to be on the front of the national newspapers and as we are doing it for charity I reckon the headlines could be something like this................
But of course we aren't going to die are we?
My biggest fear is that I will poo myself and ruin the Anneka Rice style jumpsuit I am wearing and the video will be shown on YouTube.
Or that I will land on a cliff edge and fall in the sea and drown.
Or that I will chicken out..........
It seemed like such a good idea at the time but you know what? It will be a laugh and if I am going to meet my maker or be worm fodder or come back as a ghost then at least I will be doing something that I will laugh about. I obviously wont be here to laugh along with you but I am preparing to write my eulogy just in case. And I would like Robbie Williams to sing at my funeral. Thanks.
The charity that I am going to do mine in aid of is the British Heart Foundation in honour of my dear Dad. If he was here and I told him what I was up to,  then he would definitely say something along the lines of ''by pet, what ya deeing that for man?''. And wouldn't it be ironic if I had a heart attack mid jump? I am guessing that some of you may now have picked up on my fear but we are definitely going to do it!
Watch this space people..................
On to dietary things now. I am on my no carb Monday and am mashing cauliflower like there's no tomorrow. I have a feeling I wont lose this week but will stay the same and I am quite happy ( ish ) with that. Another friend is coming along to Redruth with us on Wednesday and I have pre warned her about the eclectic mix of characters that she will encounter. I just hope that Witchy Liz will be back from her apple crumblefest and my friend can see the enigma for herself.
I have started my second ball of wool for the jumper I am knitting and am quite enjoying click clacking away at night. Our Happy Stitchers group is starting in January and it will be a laugh. I would like to say that I will be wearing my new hand knitted jumper by then but I have a lot of things going on between now and January so I think that may be a bit optimistic. But you never know.
And it is just over 5 weeks until Christmas and not a thing has been bought. I know people that have their tree up and I reckon mine will be up in about 4 weeks. I am apparently cooking the dinner, which I am fine about, as nobody cooks a sprout quite like myself and I am guessing there will be several bottles of fizzy stuff consumed before during and after which will be nice.
And in honour of our imminent activities, here is a song that keeps going through my head....

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