Wednesday, 13 November 2013

I love a good breadasm and a hat trick and being photo bombed by Elton!

So I lost 2 pounds and ( men look away ) it's the 'wrong time of the month' so I rarely lose this week and I am chuffed to bits and I know I am boring the pants off everyone and I don't care!
I scored a fat club hat trick!
1. Got my stone and a half
2. Got my ten per cent
3. Got the 'slimmer of the week' award
And to compensate for the bloody steak and lettuce from Monday I celebrated in true fat club style and had myself a whopper of a brunch when I got back.
Amid the crispy grilled bacon and Leanne's eggs courtesy of Beryl and Jean the chickens, you will see 2 slices of bread. Not 2 slices of wholemeal from a 400g loaf. Oh no, proper seeded lush stuff. The bread of dreams as far as I am concerned and totally delish. I adore bread but 2 measly slices are rarely enough so that is why I generally abstain from it. Not on a Wednesday though. Wednesday is all about the thick sliced and all about me enjoying it.
I got my secret fat club buddy to take a pic of me brandishing my latest award and it was only after I had uploaded it on facebook I realised that I was actually holding the wrong certificate so oh well. You will also notice that I was stood in front of the door and Elton John appears to be trying to get in.
He only wants to be my friend now I am thin, the fickle bitch.

I have now set my next target of 2 stone by Christmas. My normal fat club session falls on Christmas Day and they are therefore doing the class on Friday 27th. I have told the consultant that there is no way I am going to weigh on that day so we are going to weigh 2 days early instead on the 23rd up Camborne! I cant wait to meet the Camborne ladies and I reckon they will be as just as entertaining as the ones from Redruth, but maybe slightly less mad.

Witchy Liz was AWOL. We predict an incident involving mother's crumble or maybe difficulty in finding a topical outfit for this week. We did think maybe a poppy or  a toffee apple and I am sad that I will miss her in full fairy/ elf/ Christmas tree/ sprout get up on Friday 27th.

Anything can happen in Redruth.

Just ask Elton...............

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