Saturday, 9 November 2013

Ladies wot lunch and darkening nights and knit one purl one.

So today I had lunch with my friend Tara in the Pednolva Hotel  no less, and no we didn't sit on the roof because it was freezing but the best bit of all was the fact that she too has lost a lot of weight so chips weren't an option. We plumped for the prawn and crab salad and it was wee and we therefore ate very very slowly. We talked about everything under the sun and it was just downright nice. I had 2 vodkas with diet coke and I did not keel over or roll my eyes or froth at the mouth so obviously the evil pills are gone from my system and I do love an illicit lunchtime tipple. It was extremely civilised which counteracted all the more messy afternoons I spent on the roof slurping magners and getting sunburn a few months ago.  Tara is a busy lady and dances and does zumba and I felt my paltry 2 gym sessions  were a little naff in comparison  but we did big each other up on the weight loss front and discuss the joys of hip bones and new clothes. A good day indeed.
Tara pre nibble

Me holding a big prawn

And a view of the pier and the tide going out and the night drawing in - lovely!
My night out last night was fun too. I caught up with an old friend that I haven't caught up with for ages and we were proper locals. We entered the meat draw at The Sloop , we yapped to other people that we hadn't seen for ages and we wandered up Fore Street and didn't see a soul. It's times like this that I remember why I love St Ives.
I got home today to find out that Debbie has ordered me a ticket for a wine tasting, I have writing group next week and a meal out on Friday, I have made soup and I am thinking about knitting a jumper. It's the sort of thing you do in the autumn isn't it?
I have even nearly bought a Christmas present. I couldn't quite find the courage to go to the checkout but it is there just waiting for me in my online shopping basket.
For all my Facebook readers, you already know this but I had a bit of a to do with my scales this morning. Hopped on and saw the words 'FATT' pop up on the display screen and it was only when I had stopped snarling that I realised it actually said 'BATT' and my battery is low. Funny now but  at the time it made me have a little palpitation which is never good on a Saturday, or any other day really.
So as I sit here writing this blog and the light is dimming outside I am thinking about the big bowl of soup waiting for me and the cheese and I am going to grate into it and that famous bottle of prosecco that is sat waiting for me in the fridge. A night of totally crap telly, a bit of banter on Facebook, a night in bed with my Kindle and then shopping and swimming tomorrow.
I haven't yet mentioned the half pound I want to lose because I am just not thinking about it at all.

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