Sunday, 3 November 2013

Yesterday - antiobiotic hell, Today - cake heaven.

So yesterday was day 4 of my vile tablets. It didn't go well. I made the mistake of having a flimsy brekkie before my first pill of the day and I went downhill - fast! I wont go into the ins and outs and graphics of it but I was a weak and crumpled wreck with all sorts of side effects ( real and imaginary) infesting my body. I was all set to give them up and ring Casual Nick tomorrow demanding some different ones  but a very good friend with 'the knowledge'  told me to man up and eat stodgier meals. So I am torn between painful gums and my next shiny sticker but the gums won and I shall persevere.
There is no point in being slim if I have an unhappy mouth.
It is cakes a go go in my kitchen at this precise moment. M and her best friend Loli are crashing about in there as we speak. I have had a conference call with Leanne this morning and we went over the finer points of packaging and where she can park in the morning and of course our dresses. She has her list, M and Loli have their list and I have my list. Mine is the lower end of the gene pool of baking...
Rock Buns
Coconut Ice
Jam Tarts
These are things that most kids can make with their eyes shut. I am not a kid and my eyes will be wide open. I cant go wrong can I? I know that baking is not my forte and I have many other talents so the results should be interesting. I am thinking that the 'distressed' look is what I am going for and rock buns can be any old shape so it's all going to be fine. I also haven't tried my dress on but I am confident that it will fit! As long as I don't sample the food.
Some photos of the work in progress........
M and Loli star bakers
M and her heart shaped cake tin
Loli being industrious
Some of the many ingredients including some pink icing in M's mouth - nice!
And notice what they're watching on the iPad whilst baking.
So far so good. My kitchen is smelling wonderful. Mary Berry is keeping an eye on them and they have posh ravioli for lunch.
When they have finished the more creative items for the stall , I shall go in!
Rock buns will be the new in thing by the time I have finished with them and no messing!

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