Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Babies, Birthdays, Banter and Flimsy.

So yesterday I was busy doing all sorts of nice things. I went and visited the new born baby Beau and had lots of cuddles and said ooh and aah a lot and marvelled at how tiny he is. Were my 2 ever that small? They must have been but I certainly cant remember.
And speaking of small and getting bigger, M and I went out last night to celebrate her best and oldest friend's 17th birthday. Little Billie. They lived in the house behind us and the fence fell down and they forged a path through the hedge and the rest is history. I have cuddled her, fed her, bathed her, told her off occasionally, tucked her into bed and she genuinely is part of our family. The banter between her and M is brilliant. They know each other so well. We recalled stories of their adventures as little girls , we laughed because Billie had to sit on a pillow for her first driving lesson, we sat tight lipped as they told us how they are going to drive to college when they have both passed their tests and it was a brilliant night.
And Billie's mum Karen and myself gave ourselves  a congratulatory pat on the backs for perhaps being not the most conventional mums in the whole world, but we still managed to raise good people.
Now onto the actual meal. It was in the local gastro pub and as I surveyed the menu yesterday my heart did sink a little bit. What the hell was I going to eat? It was a non carb day and I have rattled on all week about how much I want that half pound for my next award and nothing was going to stop me. Billie's older sister is at uni in Edinburgh and had rung the pub earlier in the day and there was a lovely bottle of cold fizz awaiting us when we sat down. Ok, I thought, a couple of glasses wont hurt me. I then plumped for the steak and specifically said 'no chips' and ordered veg instead. The sneaky bastards had put a blob of butter on the steak which I scraped off and ironically Billie's mum ( the slimmest person I know ) ate the fat off the sirloin.
Despite the fact chips weren't involved I still had a wonderful time and when the cake was brought out , which M had made the night before it was a magical moment.
And I didn't have a crumb. And it had three layers and a ganache filling.
And I am told it was delicious.
I am not being all humbug. I just want to lose this final bit of weight more than I want to eat cake. M being the feeder of the house whips one up most days and they sit and stare at me and it is oh so hard but I cant stop her creativity.
I did however, sniff the cake. Fresh air is free.
Onwards and downwards.

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