Friday, 1 November 2013

I'm not one to moan.....................but................

So I am now on day three of these antibiotics and I don't want to play any more. They may be curing all my ills but I actually feel worse now I have started taking them than I did before. My gums feel a bit better and I am surviving my alcohol ban and that's about it really. I treated myself to some lovely winter vegetable soup today from the health food shop and I have to say -  it was delicious. I also bought some multi vitamins and something to settle my tummy. I am determined to feel better for Monday and all the cake flogging.

Halloween seemed to pass us by last night. No kids knocked on the door that I know of and the next big thing on is November 5th. I like fireworks, but only really on Bonfire Night. Having 3 dogs and a cat doesn't make for a relaxing evening when there are rockets and swishy loud things going off every 5 minutes does it? I spoke to my fat club buddy today and we were still laughing at 'the witch' from Wednesday and we were sort of wondering if she will turn up next week dressed as a rocket or a toffee apple. Miaow.

My scales do not love me for some reason. I am 2 pounds up on Wednesday so I was an even unhappier bunny than normal this morning. I have scoured the side effects of the nasty tablets for 'weight gain' and cant find it so I shall have to just wait and see and remember not to lick any spoons and bowls. I can eat normally and have been as good as gold so don't know what that's all about but if they continue to be mean to me they will get lobbed down my very long flight of stairs.

I am hoping that tomorrow I may feel a bit better and if I do then I will be going again to the gym! I could still walk today after yesterday's shenanigans so am up for another session. And another and another and another obviously.

And finally - I was so happy the other day to get my new boots through the post. I like boots and I loved the look of these. I wore them today and they are the most uncomfortable pair of boots I have ever worn in my life. Gutted is an understatement! I had high hopes for those bad boys and now................well they can go and sit under minging dress and I shall scowl at them in passing.

Tomorrow I will feel better and I will wear flip flops.


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