Monday, 4 November 2013

Buns, Bunting and Banter!

So the cake sale has been and gone! It was fab! We sold loads and had a hoot! What I lacked in baking skills I made up for in persuading customers to buy stuff and Leanne's cookies were outstanding! It was a roaring success and we are doing it again in a month.
And due to us both being giddy on the smell of sugar we have got grand plans. There will be a sign, there is going to be fairy lights and  more rock buns............did I mention that my rock buns sold like hot cakes? Well they did and they made up for the horrific jam tarts. My friend Debra's little girl had one very early into the day and claimed that it was 'hard' - she ate the jam with her tongue and then gave me the discarded pastry case. From then on whenever anyone wanted to buy one ( which wasn't often  I assure you ) I flinched a bit and I'm sure Leanne muttered under her breath at one point as she bagged one up ''yeah good luck with that''.
This was the offending article after Lucy had removed the jam. Readers of a delicate disposition may want to look away.............
But it was lovely to catch up with people and see lots of new babies all snug in their buggies as their yummy mummy's struggled between the choice of post birth weight loss and a muffin. Leanne and I are curvaceous so we encouraged them to buy as many as possible and it seemed to work as there was hardly anything left. Mainly jam tarts really - but we don't want to talk about that. I am letting go.
And speaking of me and cakes - can I just say that I did not have a single one! Nothing passed my lips other that a black coffee half way through the morning. Add that to the fact that I am still on my antibiotics and the fact that I don't carb today or tomorrow and you will be impressed that I am even strong enough to type this blog. Oh and if I don't get that next shiny on Wednesday there will be trouble up Redruth!
Our next cake stall is on Saturday 7th December. We have got very grand plans. There will be mince pies ( obviously ) and bits of gingerbread that you can hang on trees and home made sweets and everything! Of course by then I will not be on medication and will almost be a size zero so I may treat myself to some sort of nicey as a treat.
I have also resolved a couple of issues today and tomorrow is my last full day of tablets and we also raised money for Cancer Research and the British Heart Foundation so all good.
Onwards and downwards.
And finally, a certain 'friend' has just emailed me to say and I quote .....
I lost a whole tooth this afternoon but I am not relating the loss to your rock buns.... Lol
Maybe next month's sale should come with a disclaimer............

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