Wednesday, 20 November 2013

I'm sorry but no no no..............

So today was Fat Club and I lost another pound and a half. That is 24 pounds in 11 weeks and a total of 4 stone 5!!!!! I am chuffed to pieces and am even going to have some red wine tonight as a treat but first I have to moan..............
Due to arriving slightly later than usual there weren't the seats we would have chosen and Witchy Liz was there and guess where the empty seats were? Yes, you've guessed it and my 2 'friends' that I went with managed to leave a nice big gap so I could sit next to her. She pounced on this opportunity and firstly asked me if I wanted to be a nail model for her next week. Luckily I have the valid excuse that I will be in Cardiff so that killed the convo pretty quickly. She then begrudgingly  mumbled well done to me when I said I had lost weight this week.
And then the slurping began...............She appears to have an open wound on her hand and I recall last time she seemed to be licking it? Well today she was licking and picking and it was the sound effects that turned my tummy. To add insult to injury she then retrieved what can only be deemed 'an implement' to assist her in her self abuse. It was some sort of stick which I can only assume is what a real nail technician would use to push cuticles back .  I am fairly squeamish at the best of times and I just had to turn my body away and try not to listen. It's not right, I tell you, not right at all!
But apart from all that I was pleased with my weight. The other ladies up Redruth are warm and funny and a good laugh and there is even an Egyptian man in the class. I do not know how on earth an Egyptian ended up living in Redruth, but he did and he is a saucy little devil!
I was over at the dentists again this afternoon but didn't have to see Casual Nick , who I have to say, was sporting a gigantic Movember tash, but this time it was Penny the lovelty hygienist. She looked at my records , said I had been in the wars, sold me some lovely little rubber things that would be better than floss and then charged me £31. She also said I had dark shadows under my eyes ( I do ) and suggested I had an MOT at the doctors so all in all, I came away feeling like crap.
I have a few plans in the pipeline which are exciting me but I am not sure I can pull them off. One half of me is saying ''yes you can'' and the other half of me is saying ''don't be daft Liz''.
Only time will tell. In the meantime I am going to drink some red wine, brush up my Welsh and make sure I get a nicer seat next time I go to Fat Club.


  1. I have started my body reduction, banana, 400kal lunch, Apple later, done it before, lost 5stone. Put 3 back on, started going out more, beer and dieting don't mix, now when I do go out I have white wine and soda. Sod-yer, I call it. Feel better already. Had weight problems since the doctor smacked my ass. I'm 69 next week, had 2 hip replacements and my general health is ok. Must keep it up, easier to stay in in winter so....