Thursday, 7 November 2013

Water and quiche and bye bye Casual Nick - see ya next May xxx

So it was book group and it was my first book group where I didn't have lots of wine or a gigantic vodka. I ceremoniously took my last tablet last night after a delicious slice of quiche and promised myself that in 48 hours I would put something a little more cold and fizzy in my tum.
Have I missed alcohol? - YES!
And no ....

 In all fairness the first part of my tablet taking I felt so ill that I wasn't bothered and I managed a lunch out and a dinner out and a trip to the pub and I was ok with it...........but book group needs wine and it was then that I missed it the most as I sipped my large glass of water. It was still a good night though and our next book is by Robert Galbraith aka JK Rowling writing under one of her many different names. Having never read a Harry Potter I am interested in what this one will be like.

I had my last date with Casual Nick for another 6 months and I told him all about all my symptoms from the last week. He was unimpressed or sympathetic and then performed some gum cleaning on me which was agony and left me with tears in my eyes. He had the decency  to give me a tissue with which to blot my lipstick first though and I pretended it didn't hurt and it was only his overhead lamp which was causing me to well up. He did tell me to raise my hand if it all got too much for me as I was unable to speak after about 5 seconds into the treatment but I kept my hand down and was just the bravest ever.

He then charged me £31 - the bastard.

I am out again tonight. I am playing in THE QUIZ or as my friend Debbie has just referred to it as 'crossing back over to the dark side'. The team that I am playing on are VERY clever and I don't think in all my years of playing in the league that we ever beat them. having said that, my team last season only won about 2 games so that isn't really an indication of their superior intelligence, but believe me, they are. I am hoping against hope that there is going to be at least a couple of particularly shallow corkers that will give me my chance to shine and there is no need for me to announce at the beginning that I wont answer much as they all know me anyway.

And I shall resist the buffet. The food in the pub I am going to is generally really nice and they do fab sandwiches but I can literally smell that shiny sticker and in the words of Starship -

''nothing's gonna stop me now''

I did a half hearted hop on those mo fo scales this morning and I was a pound up. I ate 2 slices of quiche, some nachos and a lot of grapes and strawberries so all in all I was a good girl and I can right those wrongs in the next few days. Hell I am even going to try and make soup again and we all know that I am possibly the crappest soup maker in the world.

Onwards and downwards.

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