Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The happiest dog in Cornwall!

We took Mutley to the vets today - his fractured paw still has a slight lump but he is no longer limping and the toenail on his other paw is growing back.

Gemma, our lovely vet said that he can now be released into the wild, aka, resume his daily walkies.She advised us to make sure he 'takes it easy' - am not quite sure how we will manage to keep a 15 month old springer spaniel that hasn't been out for 3 weeks calm  and I have an awful feeling that there will be more fractures in years to come, but I ( and Mutley ) are over the moon that he can go out again.

He fractured his paw in the first place by running so hard - he actually gallops like a horse when he runs so am not sure how we are going to change his habits now. All I know is that at 4 pm he will be very very happy and so will Maddie and Freddy that they have their partner in crime back.
There are balls, crows and rabbits to be chased and there'll be no stopping dear Mutley once he gets going.

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