Friday, 24 August 2012

Bank holiday blues.....and greys

As is the tradition with British bank holidays and the weather today it has poured with rain. It is cold and wet and miserable and so is everyone that is roaming around the streets, wondering whether to hang on for a chance of sunshine or cut their losses and go.
A few of them have already gone early so that should make for an easier day tomorrow, but it aint over til the fat lady sings and I am very very quiet.
I think that the photo taken today ( from the top of St Ives ) captures the mist and drizzle perfectly. It has also captured a telegraph line but I have never claimed to be David Bailey.
My diet has gone to pot - I was too busy to have breakfast and then got really hungry, so if any local people saw someone that looks like me cramming a pastie into their mouth around lunchtime, then it was infact me.
Tomorrow is another day - I am going to crisp some salad and have my bottle of Kalms at the ready.

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