Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Magic melon and glum dogs

One of our exemplorary members at fat club lost 7 and a half pounds this week and has attributed this to eating lots of melon...... so we all charged out of there yesterday in search of this magic fruit.

I managed to bag one at the local greengrocers and had a big slice at lunchtime. There is no polite way to eat a melon and as I slurped and dribbled on it all I could think about was how well I am ( hopefully ) going to do on those blasted scales next week.

On a less fun note, Multey got up this morning feeling even more sorry for himself than yesterday. His bright pink bandage was just about intact on his ripped toenail paw but soon Freddy had ripped it off in a bid to get him to play.

He had an early appointment with Gemma our lovely vet, and he has got some more antibiotics and painkillers. He also had a new bandage put on which has been removed several times throughout the course of the day by the now famous teeth of our youngest puppy. Gemma said that Mutley is banned from walkies for at least another 3 weeks and he is not happy. It's hard keeping a one year old springer amused even with an energetic walk every day but to keep them amused when they are stuck in the house is a nightmare.

We have luckily found a solution of sorts - our friend Rebecca has 2 daughters that adore our dogs and they are very kindly Mutley sitting for a couple of hours each afternoon. My hubby drops Mutley to their house en route to feeding the horses and walking the other 2 dogs and Rebecca's kids give him lots of fuss and love. He isn't running around fields as normal but psychologically, as he leaves home as normal and comes back as normal, in his doggy head we're hoping that he thinks  he hasn't been forgotten. Am not sure he'll fall for it for 3 more weeks though............

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