Monday, 20 August 2012

Nice salad, shame about the face!

Everybody associates diets with salads. I hate the word diet as it instantly smacks of depriving yourself but I do love my salads!

There's a wonderful health food shop in St Ives that has the best salad bar - they really are delicious and such good value that I have at least 2 a week. This is at the top end of the town. At the bottom end of the town is a lovely deli, which amongst other things has also started to do salads, and whilst they don't have as much selection,  they too are delicious.

One thing both places have in common is that the people that work in them are lovely - always friendly, jolly and helpful and genuinely ready to have a chat.

I ventured to the metropolis of Penzance today and popped into a local deli style cafe - the salads there are totally top notch nosh, but I have to say that the woman that served me really couldn't be arsed. There's an expression I love - ''she had a face like a bulldog licking p*** off a thistle'' and I have to say that I think that it was written with her in mind. I was almost scared to ask for salt and pepper and made a hasty retreat as she lobbed it over the counter at me. And there was I thinking that organic type salad type shops were friendly!

Will I go back? Of course I will ! The roasted vegetable couscous was like angels dancing on my tongue and it all went nicely with my 2 pork chops I had for dinner.

Tomorrow is weigh in at fat club - I am hoping that my salad may have pulled back the damage of the 2 STP's but I doubt it!

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