Thursday, 30 August 2012

Mutley tries to cheer me up...........

I am really down in the dumps today - think I am on meltdown after the summer and I need some peace and quiet. It's been lovely having visitors here for the last few weeks but I will be glad when life returns to normal.

In St Ives the town is absolutley swarming with people and it takes twice as long to do anything or go anywhere. This can wear you down when all you have to do is nip to the bank or the post office , but I am aware that tourism is the main industry here and the one that I have chosen to be involved with so I should just bite my tongue and get on with it.
Another problem that I have and always seem to be moaning about is NOISE...............I am quite a noisy person myself and I live on a busy street in the middle of town but I have real issues with people being selfish late at night or very early in the morning. The main offenders are as follows -
1 - People with 10 door cars, ie, people that park outside and bang each and everyone of their car doors very loudly and it's always more than 4!
2 - Fighting drunks - I have seen them rip drainpipes off walls, flowers from window boxes and wee in the lane next to my house. If I wanted to watch or listen to this I would put Eastenders on.
3 - Happy drunks - The ones that feel the need to sing , laugh or shriek loudly outside my house.
4 - Chatty drunks - The ones that will have indepth conversations at 3am or even worse, ones that will have one sided conversations on their mobiles so that everyone can hear.
Reading this, you will probably gather that I am incredibly grumpy - I am incredibly grumpy but as my dad used to say ''wor Liz comes down as fast as she goes up'' so hopefully tomorrow normal service will be resumed.

In amongst all this misery, my brave boy Mutley just knows that I am a bit glum and keeps gazing at me with his big loyal eyes and handsome face. I wish I was a springer spaniel - they are loyal, loving and happy, but then again if i was then i wouldn't be able to write this blog. xxxx

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  1. You seem to have become a 'proper Cornish'curmudgeon. Well done! Hope it all gets better soon x