Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Super salads and strangely shaped nectarines

I bit the bullet and went to fat club - I gained a whopping 3 pounds, Susie was cool and there was a few giggles to be had. One member of the group, let's called her 'G' had also gained weight.
Susie - Oh, G, do you know where this gain has come from?
G - yes love
Susie - where?
G - I had a Macdonalds - I always seem to put on weight when I go to Macdonalds.
Susie - Oh and are you ok with this?
G - No love, not really.
I suppose you had to be there, but it did make me titter quietly to myself.
So, armed with this month's magazine and lots of motivation I took myself off to the lovely health food shop around the corner and got one of their delicious tuna salads.
I know there's a few calories here and there with the mayonnaise etc but it's better than chomping on a pasty which seems to have been my staple diet for the last week and the cause of most of my 3 pounds.
I then went to the greengrocer next door and got a punnet of my new favourite summer fruit - the flat nectarine! Now I don't know about anyone else, but I am physically unable to eat a normal shaped nectarine without a lot of slurping and dribbling but these little bad boys fit in my mouth perfectly .
They also taste lovely too.
I have given myself until December 18th to get to target - I know I keep changing the goalposts and I seem to be going in the wrong direction, but my spirit is definitely willing - well it is on a Tuesday anyway. I seem to say the same thing every week, but i really must try harder and do some cooking so I have things to nibble on that are healthy and not resort to one of the many takeaways that are literally a stone's throw from my house.
Wish me luck!


  1. don`t beat yourself up Liz, it is summer and you are very busy. You will do better once the town quietens down, you always do xx

  2. Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!! I am comming back to club, and I am resolved to lose weight by Xmas. And your window onto Fat Club was a beaut - it was if I was sitting in the back row tittering into my styrofoam cup. x

  3. I will be doing a live impression at book group on Tuesday!