Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Sorry seems to be the hardest word............

It's just after lunch and I have had a very hectic day - everything  happens at once in this house and today was no exception. I had irate people on the phone, barking dogs, Tescos deliveries, barking dogs, people being ill and yes, you've guessed it, barking dogs!
Incident number one involved a mistake I had made - we are all only human and work wise I am usually on the ball, but I had written a date for something down wrong so had an outraged guest shrieking down the phone at me at 9am. I apologised profusely - several times, rectified the situation immediately and seemed to calm him down, only to have a further phone call from his even more outraged wife shrieking down the phone too. She opened the converation with ''I believe you spoke to my husband'' and then continued to yell like  a banshee on acid. I repeated the same apology to her and assured her that all would be sorted but the psychology of it all was that she probably thought her husband was too soft with me and she wanted to sort it out banshee to woman.
Incident number two involved another customer, but this time I was the one that deserved the apology. At 1430 hours I received it and all is well now between myself and that person. I think he was rather embarrassed and so when he said sorry I accepted. The older I get, the more I realise is that life doesn't always run smoothly and what's the point making someone feel even worse when they do when they have swallowed their pride, fessed up and righted their wrongs?
In the words of Sir Elton John, sorry does seem to be the hardest word - difficult to say, and even more difficult to accept for some people.
Oh, and the man from incident number two asked if he had ever met me, to which i replied ''no, if you had you would remember'' and he then asked ''do you have big tits?'' I am not joking -  he really did say this and I was so gobsmacked that I replied ''yes''. Sometimes I think I live in a very very strange world......
On a brighter note, I have stuck to my diet religiously today! I know that so far 'today' has only been breakfast and lunch but I am trying to be all upbeat and positive.I have fruit in my fruit bowl and I am not afraid to eat it! Dinner will be a lovely roast chicken with heaps of delicious healthy veg and no stuffing, bread sauce, yorkshire puddings or wine. It will taste nice, it will............

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