Thursday, 23 August 2012

So near......................and yet so far!

So last night I decided to go to the cinema - I don't go very often, infact I'm not sure many people do - given that it cost me £6 to get in , and the actual floor, seats and building made me want to scrub myself with a wire brush and dettol afterwards. The film however, was very funny, a little bit un pc and very enjoyable.
I always get a text from National Lottery on a Wednesday and Saturday with the winning numbers and they looked vaguely familiar so when I got back in I decided to check our work syndicate lines.
We got 5!!!!!!!!
I was very calm about it all and I checked and rechecked several times but yes, there was still 5 of the numbers on one of the lines. I took a few deep breaths and tried to tell all the young people in my house but they were quite frankly, very uninterested.
Going onto the lotto website, it doesn't reveal the prize breakdwon straight away so I did a bit of detective work and saw that 5 numbers a week ago paid out £4000 smackeroonies! There are 10 of us in this syndicate so it had to be shared, but all the same £400 each can't be sniffed at.
After a nail biting hour the website did reveal the prize breakdwon and the payout on 5 numbers last night was £872. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry and felt robbed! It's still £87.20 though and I should remember that and of course, money doesn't buy happiness and yada yada yada.........
All the other members were 'thrilled' 'chuffed' 'ecstatic' etc and we did all have a good giggle about it but I just keep thinking that one more number would mean that today I would be sipping champagne and not going to look for my bottle of Kalms for the weekend.
I am now going to adopt the philosophy that we have done it we can do it again, only next time a bit better .

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