Saturday, 25 August 2012

Bag lady.......................

Well today is the last Saturday of August and even though it will continue to be busy throughout September, it's all psychological - the pressure is off!
It poured with rain all day while we were working and was even wetter than yesterday. Everyone is complaining and looking so glum, but not me as tonight is X factor hooray!!!!
One of my lovely members of staff ( and one of my daughter's best friends) worked today and found an ingenious way of carrying all of her laundry. Luckily she has ( or certainly had ) a good strong set of teeth and I'm sure that they will be fine......I hope so anyway.............
I am at a christening tomorrow and my 'diet'  is up the creek without a paddle . So far today, I have managed to resist any pasties but as it's my 22nd wedding anniversary I shall be indulging in a chinese and a bottle of wine. Am not sure if this is to celebrate, or to drown my sorrows, but as we are still alive and kicking after all this time I suppose it does warrant a pat on the back for both of us.
I can't believe that my wedding day was all those years ago and so far away - up in Northumberland- I may dig out my album later and look at it and all the people that are sadly no longer with us, like my Dad and my Granny and my friend Denise.
My hip and cheek bones are also no longer with us, so maybe it will inspire me to get back on track soon.

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