Thursday, 2 August 2012

Paw baby

It's been another tough day for Mutley - his bandage is constantly being pulled off either by himself or Freddy, his antibiotics are making him very quiet and he couldn't go to Rebecca's today and had to settle for a quick stroll on the lead up the road whilst my hubby discreetly took the other 2 out.

I think his eyes say it all here don't they? You can just about see the sock on his bandage behind his left ear. I'm sure if he could count then he would certainly be ticking off  the days off until he is released into the wild again.

Dietary wise, I have eaten for England! Slimming World encourages its' members to eat lots ( of the right food of course ) which is just as well because there is no way I could weigh chicken breasts and half ounces of cheese. As much as I want to get to target I do not want to be hungry!

And work's a busy one! The busiest weekend of the year so far and I am not looking forward to it. The weather forecast says lots of rain down here tomorrow so that should chase a few people home early, but all in all, I think a bottle of kalms may be in order before 3pm on Saturday.

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