Friday, 17 August 2012

All kalm on the south western front

It's the penultimate weekend in August and today I officially lost the plot! Headache, rain,  tired, head full of things I have to remember, rain,  a few prima donnas on the work front,  rain, rude holiday property owners, rain, miserable  looking tourists wandering around and more rain!

I have never been one for pills and potions of any kind - my mother swears by vitamins ( note, she is always ill ) and I always remember telling her once that Richard Madley thought they were a pile of rot and she was fuming - to this day she still thinks of him as a 'common shoplifter'.

Anyway, I gave in and bought myself a bottle of Kalms so that tomorrow I will be all serene and tolerant . If this happened, those tablets must have miracle properties, as I am never serene or tolerant but am hoping that I feel a bit better than today.

I tick along with my busy life all year and then when the really nasty busy bit is always over I seem to get more stressed. Am sure it's a meltdown and just pure fatigue but it still happens to me every year.

One thing to look forward to though is the return of X Factor tomorrow evening - I don't watch much tv but I do happen to adore the show!

Merlot and Dermot O Leary - pure bliss.

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