Thursday, 9 August 2012

Sometimes all you need is a bit of yummy

I miraculously managed to lose a pound and a half this week at fat club - I think I was forgiven for my 'syns' and basically got away with it so I have started this week on a cooking frenzy and am being ultra good. I am polishing my halo right now! ( obviously I'm not as I wouldn't be typing, but you get the message)

My saviour last year on my weight loss journey was the Slimming World 'swiss roll' - I was eating dozens of them as they are virtually syn and fat free. Our group has invented all sorts of adaptations of them but I like to stick to the original recipe, using either strawberries or raspberries.

Have made my first one in ages today and it was delicious. I have had a huge slab after dinner and thoroughly enjoyed it. Sometimes all we need is a bit of something sweet and sickly to give us a boost.

It's all still mad in my house - everyone is working flat out and the forthcoming weekend is another busy one.

Youngest daughter is off to a festival in Newquay and I am not going to worry.......much. All her firends are going and I am sure they will all have a great time so I am trying to focus on the positive and not on the negative. It's hard to watch them go off and do things that could potentially go wrong, but on the flip side, I am happy she is off to have fun. Am not sure if I will have much fun over the next couple of days, but at least there is swiss roll in my fridge!

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  1. That swiss roll looks lush I am going to start making them again on my return from Bristol. xx