Tuesday, 25 February 2014

We can all get the chop and bring it on Cambruth! Or Redborne!

So Freddy is now minus his crown jewels. He isn't looking very happy, but I wasn't too happy either when the first thing he did on his return from the vets was to try and bite Mutley. I am giving him a few days to work those nasty male hormones out of his post anaesthetic body and if he continues to behave in such a way then it is on to Plan B. I want my animals ( and myself ) to be happy and at this precise moment I do not want to discuss it any more.
And as tomorrow is Wednesday and I am virtually carb free and therefore a little bit hysterical and am clutching at the proverbial straws in a hopeful attempt to get to target - I decide to come out in sympathy with Freddy and I have also had the chop. My frizz and unruly mop has gone and I think I look very sensible. I am also hoping that what came off weighed one and a half pounds.......
And tomorrow I am a little bit excited regardless of whether I lose or not. I am off up Camborne and Redruth with Leanne. We are taking austerity measures to the extreme and are raiding the  charity shops. We have been told that those  shops up that end of Cornwall are much much more refined than the ones in St Ives. Speaking of which I am going to have a mini rant.
I have given all of my fat clothes to the BHF shop round the corner which is quite ironic really. I go in there quite a lot as I decide to throw yet  another bag full of tents out and I have to say that the 'staff' are ridiculously miserable.
Yes I know it's a voluntary job and yes I know that you probably meet some right types in there ( me ) but FOR GOD'S SAKE - SMILE!
Anyway, back to my spiritual home of Cambruth/Redborne - we are also going to go to the pound shops as this is another thing that St Ives is sadly lacking. I really want to buy 18 packets of noodles for a quid and Leanne is apparently after Pyrex. My friend Debbie reckons that we will be amazed at the bargains and I am hoping for some Boden or Monsoon.
And I hosted the quiz last night at Morvah. It was a lovely night. I got a thank you bottle of wine but I also got a whopping big quiz book which made my tummy churn with a geek type pleasure a bit. There was also lots of nude paintings of vaginas behind where I was standing and I think I showed my immaturity by giggling. It was funny though.
Quiet night in tonight. Shenanigans tomorrow and I have to fit in DAY TWO of my quest to run 5k. I could walk today which was a plus and I am almost looking forward to pounding the sands of Porthmeor again. We are lunching out after our bargain bonanza so I will need to run that little bit faster. ...but there again my lack of hair wont weigh me down.
Fingers crossed for tomorrow folks. I am trying to be all cool and not stamp my feet too much.

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