Saturday, 8 February 2014

Things that fit, my fluttering eye and the things you agree when you are drunk........

So the upside to losing weight is dragging things out of the bottom drawer and trying it on and it fitting - perfectly.
My problem is that I am an impulse buyer and I have a LOT of stuff with labels on that I haven't been able to squeeze my fat arse in until now. For example, we have -
1. A stiff floral skirt
2. A lovely little white top that my chest is never going to decently  fit - ever.
3. Some rather chic black capri pants that are still tight but I can do them up.
4. Other stuff that I don't want to talk about.
Since the giving away of my scales I have been on this diet like a tramp on a sandwich. There is no pressure any more. I lost half a pound this week and I technically have 4 more to lose until I get to my target and get a sash and a badge and there is a fanfare of trumpets etc. Not quite sure what I do when I am at target because I will have nothing to aim for, apart from maybe being able to move /sit down / breathe in the aforementioned capri pants. We all need a goal don't we?
I am also stressed! I do not want to explain why - it's actually rather boring but this stress has given me a twitch in my right eye. It flutters and it flicks and I can see it doing it. I am the proverbial twitchy thin woman. I never twitched when I was fat, or if I did I was too busy enjoying a pie to notice. I need to weigh this up - are hip bones really worth it if you have a facial contortion??
And yes, it is still vile weather here. I am fed up with being wet and cold. My skin is pallid and I want to wear my flip flops. I went shopping today at the commercial mecca of Hayle and got soaked just from going from car to shop. My nose is constantly running and if you add that to the twitch then it isn't pleasant.
Now on to alcohol!
I have done many things throughout my life that have been fuelled by the over consumption of alcohol.
 Many Many things BUT never have I agreed to jump out of a plane and nearly die.
 Debbie and I are doing this in September.
 I don't want to do it. I am scared of heights. Bugger charity, I am bricking myself. Her boyfriend has given us £100 already and we haven't even booked it. I phoned to enquire  and a gentle voiced lady said ''oh I am sure you'll be fine '' as I shrieked hysterically down the line. I bet she had a right laugh about us on her coffee break. It is 7 months away and we need to set a date as apparently people are 'breaking their necks' to go ahead and book, and yes, that is the phrase she used.
Before that I have Dolly to see, H to graduate and then Robbie at the O2. These will be my happy thoughts as I plummet quickly.
And as I will still be a target member of fat club then I will be no doubt looking just fabulous in my jumpsuit.............I am sure there is one somewhere in my bottom drawer. x

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