Monday, 24 February 2014

Oh my - Fifty Shades of Pink

So I ran. Oh yes I did and I was like the wind. Ok it was more of a gentle breeze mingled with some heavy breathing but I did exactly what the American man said on the phone app.
There was a point when he said 'hey you're helfwayyyyyy' through that I wanted to smash the phone and my head against the nearest rock but I obviously didn't. That would be silly.
We couldn't have picked a nicer location and day to start -  
And I have to say that this BEFORE picture captures my fresh faced innocence and enthusiasm perfectly.
Anyway, we warmed up, we ran , we walked, we ran , we walked, we ran - I think you get the picture and I am proud to announce that I managed to do it all which was something I definitely couldn't do last September. I am not sure if I have to go tomorrow or it is a rest day but according to the fancy app I will be running 5k in 8 weeks. As an imperial child, I have no idea how far 5k is but I am not holding my breath about it. LOL.
There are no after pictures. Suffice to say that my Northumbrian freckled and slightly pale tones turned various shades of pink and I was glistening in the after glow of exercise.
I am very proud of myself .
Oh and M started working at the local organic trendy burger joint last week and I have been subjected to every burger known to man being brought home and munched in front of me.
And for this reason , and because I am athletic, I am having a homemade burger and chips for dinner.
All low fat of course.

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