Friday, 21 February 2014

Quizzes, Quinoa and Queen Victoria.

So I lost another half on Wednesday. I have one and a half to lose and this is going to take for ever. It's a 'weighting' game!
I am not eating any differently and have no intention of cutting back on anything so I may always be that pound and a half away but there again it may just drop off one week when I least expect it. Dieting keeps you on your toes and there is always that air of anticipation even when it's not a Wednesday.
One of the ladies from fat club has made a carrot cake using quinoa.
Quinoa is my new favourite word.
I rang the health food shop and asked if they had any 'KWINOWAAAA' and the lovely Kat that runs it said 'Liz, it's pronounced 'KEEENWAAAAH' and I now have a box of it in my cupboard and a cake made of it has come out of my oven. The thing is I don't really like cake that much but I'm up for anything food related and cant wait to try it. Leanne has made a lamb rogan josh for tomorrow and I am swapping some of THE cake for some and I cant help but think that I have the longer straw this time.
And last night was the quiz. I was the quiz mistress to the same two teams as last week and a good laugh was had by all. I thought I would limit myself to 3 double vodkas but then we sat around chatting afterwards and 2 further vodkas sneaked their way down my throat and by the time I got home at just after midnight I thought to myself - ''ooh tomorrow I may have a headache''
But I didn't and the sun has shone quite a bit in  between the rain today and I worked a bit, saw a couple of people that I hadn't seen for a while and they marvelled at the lack of thigh size on me and I blushed a bit but secretly loved it.
And I have nothing to say about Queen Victoria, I just needed another Q so the title of the blog flowed nicely. I don't like the royal family so I probably wouldn't have liked her either and I always think she looks quite grumpy. If I was the queen I would be laughing all day long.
I have a few nice plans for next week. Yet another quiz at my rural spiritual home of Morvah, a day out with Leanne doing charity shops, discount stores and then lunch on the estuary and then another quiz and then it will be March and I may, just may get an extra special fat club certificate and Redruth band may, just may come and serenade me.
Fingers crossed.

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