Sunday, 9 February 2014

Singed gammon, Hibernating and dodgy cakes.

So the weather is still rubbish. I am like a caged beast. I keep revving up the energy to go out and then it pours down and my nose is dripping and I have huge bags under my eyes and I am a bit fed up......
I am still being good in the dietary sense though. One of the ladies at fat club makes a delicious pulled pork dish and me being me decided to do it with a joint of gammon instead. I was so engrossed in my book that it was rather well done and pulling it apart with 2 forks was no mean feat as a lot of it was black and crispy. We still all ate it though, but no comment was passed. An awkward silence sort of hung in the air.
I also made a cake that involved pineapples and chickpeas. It was rather gross but beggars cant be choosers and I ate it smothered with a vanilla yogurt to mask the bland taste. I should really know better shouldn't I? I don't even like cakes that much but these fat club ones are a lot less fattening than the full monty - but I am sure that the full monty ones taste nicer......or even nice!
The book I was engrossed in is this and it is fantastic! I have now decided it is one of my favourite books ever and I cant stop rattling on about it. Of course, now that I have finished, I must get down to the business of reading the one for book group, which is this for any of you that may want to read along too. I have had a bit of a mental block recently with the book group books in that I haven't really bonded with any of them. It's nothing personal, they just haven't been my cuppa tea but I am hoping that this one may re-kindle my mojo! < --- Did you all see what I did there?
Tomorrow, provided that my I can plug my nose up, I am going running with Leanne. She seems to have some sort of 30 day plan for us and I think we are going to be planking on the sand as well. My shorts, vest and trainers are all out and ready and looking at me and I am nervous. After that, I have a funeral to go to and then maybe a quiz tomorrow and then out Tues, Wed and Thurs too so I really don't have time at the moment for this being poorly malarkey.
Oh, and I also had my poem broadcast on the radio! I must admit I did feel a little flutter of pride and without being big headed, some of the other stuff wasn't that a bad thing to say or is it just an overload of chickpeas talking?
Who know?

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