Saturday, 15 February 2014

Even the birds are singing and I will make them fit.

So last night was rough. My house wobbled, the country held its' breath and only silly people went out in it.
Today? Well today is beautiful! Absolutely stunning.
It is still a bit chilly but most importantly it is dry and I even heard the birds sing. And I am finally  starting to feel better after the horrible virus that I have had all week.
Now onto the subject that this blog was originally intended for.
My ever present weight loss journey.
I have lost about half a stone in the last month and all of a sudden everybody seems to have noticed. I like the compliments but I also do have the humility to blush a little. My jeans that I didn't fit a couple of months back are now hanging from my bum and my friend Lisa ( another serial dieter like myself ) has given me a pair of jeans in the next size down. This, as any dieter will know,  is a big thing.
 I have tried them on. They do up but I need to lose a little bit more before I can wear them with confidence. They are now hanging on the front of my wardrobe next to the minging dress that I was going to wear at Christmas but decided that I will never fit ever  and even if I did it was too minging to enjoy anyway.
This jeans will fit. I am not quite sure when but I have got my determined head on again which is good.
So as the news seems to be dominated by 'EXTREME WEATHER' bulletins St Ives is currently basking and the influx of visitors to the town for half term should be a fairly happy influx.
I am crossing my fingers and looking at the jeans and digging out some new fat club recipes to keep me inspired. Hell, I may even weed my front garden.
Onwards and downwards.

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