Friday, 28 February 2014

Sometimes you need a bit of nomch.

So this week has been quite a week. Freddy is less of a man and I am a target member of fat club and I have to say it is quite liberating. I have eaten more than normal ( all good stuff ) I only want to see scales on a Wednesday and I fitted a new skirt yesterday that I never thought I would. This is all new to me.
Heck, I may even throw some carbs into my meals on Tuesday I am so chilled, and of course anyone that knows me will laugh at this bit as I am rarely chilled at all.
Last night was a night out with the quiz geeks and we won! I managed to say 'James Blunt' instead of 'Morecambe and Wise' but I did get 'Newquay' and 'Ben Kinglsey'. I really think my skill lies with writing quizzes as opposed to playing them and there was rather too much sport for my liking.
And my new hair is holding up. I even managed to make it look relatively respectable for last night. When I left the house it was damp ( the weather, not my hair ) and  when I left the pub to come home it was torrential rain but luckily, the mature gentleman of our team, Pat, leant me his scarf to wrap around my head to save my straight locks turning into a Diana Ross fro. And today has been no better. Just when we got used to a bit of sunshine, the gale force winds and the unrelenting wet is back. We in St Ives do not like this.
Tonight is one of those days when I need some good old fashioned stodge so I am cooking that Cornish favourite - raw fry. I made it last week and it proved very popular and so am doing it again this evening. Washed down with a cheeky glass of merlot and I think it will be perfect. I love food and contrary to what some may think as I am always on a 'diet' that I may eat only lettuce but I don't. I seriously adore nothing better than a nice meal in my belly and something nice to wash it down with, it's just all about finding different ways to cook things and being able to adapt favourite recipes so they are kinder to your hips.
And that is basically all there is to it. And all that is left for me to do is to enjoy this.......and yes, it tastes nicer than it looks!

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