Sunday, 23 February 2014

Run for the sun.........

So my gear is laid out. The app is ready. There is no stopping me.
I am going tomorrow morning at approximately 09.15 hours. It will be the beach. I know it's harder to run on sand ( ooh get me ) but the view will be lush and I refuse to run around town. I do have a little self respect, just not very much.
And who remembers the minging dress? The orange effort that I was going to fit at Christmas?
Well it's still not fitting but it does nearly  and I looked at myself in it and I basically looked rank. I refuse to donate it to the BHF just yet and I shall persevere.
M went out for a drive today in the car and was so nervous that it was almost sweet. Unfortunately due to the high winds one of the 'L' plates blew off the car an I think she was quite relieved. Her older sister passed after only 5 months and I think she is hoping to do the same, which leaves just over 3 months until she does it. And I really hope she does do it because if she doesn't then it will be World War 3 here. I didn't pass my test until I was 38 and I always wanted to ensure that both the girls weren't older learners.
I have had another day ( and hopefully the last day ) of Freddie behaving like a cross between Kevin and Perry and Rambo. He will be over that vets tomorrow morning before I can say 'plums' and I am praying that this operation will do the trick.
And I am quite looking forward to the week ahead too. Catching up with friends, quizzing, lunch out, getting my roots done and last but not least - maybe being a fat club target member. I have already said that I think this last 1.5 pounds will come off an ounce at a time and I hope my impatience doesn't make me turn to pies. Mmm pies.
And then it will be March and then it will be nearly Easter. Doesn't time fly? I think we are all ready for some lovely spring sunshine on our skin. I know I certainly am as I am sick of being wet and white and miserable looking. I basically want my freckles back as they distract from my wrinkles.
There will be photos tomorrow - before and after.
I am sure you all cant wait.

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