Saturday, 10 August 2013

Where the hell are my nuggets and big knickers.

So tonight we had another meal out. I wore big knickers to contain my belly and they held me in so well that a bit of me was popping over the top for most of the night and I looked like I was pregnant!
I am not pregnant but I have definitely been eating for 2 ..............or even 3 .
We went to the Halsetown Inn - which is also owned by the people that own Blas Burgerworks, a very nice place in town that does proper job organic burgers which are a bit pricey. The pub itself used to be a typical country place, doing roasts on a Sunday and quiz nights and darts nights etc but it is very different now. Am not sure if its nicer  but it has certainly changed.
The first thing I need to say is that the pricing on their menu I find somewhat pretentious. Instead of £10.50 it says 10.5 and this annoyed me. I have no idea why it did, but I still thought ''oh please'' when I read it. The barman had a face like a bulldog licking piss off a thistle but the waitresses were nice and gave us plenty of time to look at the strangely priced menu.
I had lamb nuggets to start with. I was going to have a tofu scotch egg for a laugh as my neighbour had assured me that they tasted no different from meat.
Dear Mike my neighbour, I really don't think tofu is going to taste like pork sausage meat and I have to say I will never know because I really couldn't bring myself to pay 4.5 to find out!
This was one of my lamb nuggets.
Leanne had the other one and I had half of her massive crispy onion rings
Now my first issue was that they forgot to bring my lamb nuggets out so as everyone was tucking into their lovely starters I was sat staring at an empty space on the table. I was hungry and I could feel my belly working its' way out so I wasn't happy. They did eventually show up after we had asked for them ( again)  and they apologised for the delay.
Hmph. It's a good job I don't like to make a fuss.
I then went on to have a posh burger and then an even posher banana split.
Now as I recall , Banana splits used to be served in a long glass dish, the banana having been split up the middle lengthways and then 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream, some squirty cream, bit of choccy sauce and a glace cherry on top.
Not anymore they don't. I think the banana had been grilled and the crunchy bits on the top were proper honeycomb pieces. There was no squirty cream and not a glace cherry in sight. They also forgot to give me a long thin spoon to eat it with . They gave me a large pudding spoon.
Hmph number 2.
But apart from nuggetgate and spoongate all was good. Oh and one more thing - the only cider they sold was draught so I was magner-less tonight and was forced to drink vodka and wine, though not in the same glass.
I am stuffed. I am as full as a bandit's rifle. I need to eat some fruit tomorrow.
I ALSO NEED TO.....................GO SHOPPING!
Its a dirty job but someone has to do it. I am going to have a lie in, and then go to Morrisons in Penzance. I am thrilled at the prospect of this ...............not.
I am now looking at my belly thinking of the food baby in it and how I need to get rid of it. Sorry food baby, I have loved every bit of your creation but I am going to pop.
And on a final note, even if I was stick thin............I would still wear big knickers. I like a sturdy gusset. Almost as much as I like a big giant onion ring.

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