Thursday, 1 August 2013

Hospitals, Shopping and whoops

So mother in law is still in Treliske. She is bored and a bit weepy but doing ok. It upsets me seeing her like this and I never quite know what to say but I gave her a hug and the latest Dawn French book.
 We went to visit her today and then I took M into Truro to buy a birthday pressie for her boyfriend
Shopping with M is quite trying at the best of times. My feet were throbbing and I had the beginning of a headache. My diet has gone out the window this week. Dinner for me last night was a chewy saffron bun and some Yorkie buttons and lunch today was a pork sandwich, and ermmmm, this........................
I won't lie - it was delicious. I think it may be time to start thinking 'non diet' again as being part of the SW regime clearly isn't working. I bought a dress from Fat Face - I haven't tried it on, so there could well be tears before bedtime in this house if my body doesn't fit into it.
Anyway, it is now August and nobody does diets properly in August do they?
My steam cleaner arrived from Amazon and it has changed my life! It took about an hour for me to remove it from it's over packaging and work out how to switch it on but it has brought my kitchen tiles up lovely.
 I also couldn't stand being in Top Shop today for too long because of the loud music and young people annoy me in general. I might buy some Slimma slacks and some Scholl sandals while I'm at it. 
Grumble grumble grumble.

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