Monday, 19 August 2013

Cute spaniels, typical British weather and the light at the end of the tunnel.

So I haven't blogged for 8 days. I haven't had the inspiration or the energy. The town is packed, the roads are packed and everyone is grumpy.
In between the hot balmy days down here in St Ives we have had torrential rain. I wore my flip flops on Saturday but renamed then slip slops as I was literally sliding all over the place. My hair got wet, it went frizzy , there was mud splashed up my legs and I was not a happy bunny.
The good news though, since my last blog is that Mutley can now go back out for walkies. It was a heart warming moment when Steve the vet told us on Thursday that he could now go back out with the other 2. Mutley couldn't believe his luck when my hubby tipped him the wink to trot along and get his lead on. He was only allowed ten minutes but came home happy and exhausted.
H took all 3 of them up Trencrom Hill today and as you can see they were in their element.
They sniffed, their tails wagged and they then drank muddy water but loved every moment.
And as there are only 12 days left of this horrid month I have started to smile again. I love the month September - everything is so much calmer and although it is still busy, the people are just generally nicer. Everyone that lives in a holiday town will know exactly what I mean here.
And that is my light at the end of the tunnel. I am not thinking about M's GCSE results on Thursday or H going back to uni in about 5 weeks. I will take those events as they happen and try and be chilled.
Anyone that knows me will know that this is rubbish but I will try my hardest.

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