Wednesday, 21 August 2013

I AM Beatty!

So tomorrow the little pink bundle that I gave birth to on Wednesday January 15th 1997 will get her GCSE results. She is a wreck and so am I because all we ever want for our kids is for them to do well. Of course we want them to be happy and healthy and have good friends and be nice people but when they have worked their socks off  ( which M has ) then it stands to reason that we want them to get what they deserve.
I therefore feel like this lady below
and am hoping that in about 16 hours time I will be on the phone crowing that she has an 'ology'.
On to other things.
 I have been out and about this week. Coffee and a mooch with Lisa yesterday and lunch with Leanne today. I would like to say that all I ate was a ham salad but that would be a lie. There were chips involved and then there was a huge slice of honeycombe cheesecake involved. But I am not having dinner and there was salad and a diet coke involved so that's ok isn't it???
It was the quiz again last night and the Bookworms won it! Sadly so did 2 other teams so I was forced to do a tie break situation and the Bookworms then didn't win it. It was all very exciting. I felt a bit like Christ Tarrant. The owner of the bar had also bought me a drink which contained 6 vodkas in it so I felt a little bit like Gazza in the dentist's chair too.
And on that jolly note I am off to think about bagels and brisket.

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