Friday, 2 August 2013

Elderflower prosecco darling? Oh yes please, go on then.

So it's August and me no like. I do not like the town at this time of year and I don't particularly like the guests. If you are someone that visits St Ives now , I'm sure you're very nice but , on the whole, no no no.....just leave me alone and don't make eye contact. Seriously. I will give you an example - a family have just walked past my window and each and everyone of them felt the need to shout 'bogeys' at the top of their voice all the way up Bedford Road.
Really. Why?
 I hope Tony Gordon and Peter squawked at them and gave them a good pecking. And on the subject of those 3 naughty gulls, they are still here. They are here to stay. One of them flew past my window and crapped on it last night. It was their way of either saying ''hello'' or ''where the hell is the bottled water?''
I went out last night for ( another ) meal as we decided to treat Hugh, my favourite  farmer type person. He trained M in her public speaking and we have all become friends.
 I like the name Hugh.
 This is why.
My Grandpa was called Hugh.
My uncle was called Hugh.
Hugh Grant is called Hugh.
Hugh Fernley Whatsisname is also called Hugh.
The meal was delicious by the way.  I may have had this to start.
And I may have had this for mains
But if I had had this for pudding that would have been wrong wouldn't it?
Anyway, what I had to drink was elderflower prosecco! I'm not a bubbles sort of girl, I normally like my wine red and fruity and cheeky but I have to say it was exquisite. Am I posh now?
I think you have probably all gathered that my diet seems to be on hold at the moment. It's August, it's quite mad and so am I so I think I have better things to do then eating carrots. In 28 days time it will be September so I will do something about it then, I really will.
Is elderflower prosecco one of my 5 a day?

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