Wednesday, 7 August 2013

In the words of Donna Summer, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH - and quiz wars!

So I didn't blog yesterday. It was a bit of a day. We visited mum in law in hospital and she then got more chest pains and had to have her op ( atherectomy ) done quickly instead of tomorrow as planned. We were all worried sick and I was meant to be doing the quiz last night and couldn't really get out of it but didn't want to go until I knew she had come round and was ok.
Thankfully she was and is getting better now and is hoping to be home in the next few days. Not a very nice few days but lots of love and support from friends and family.
Now let's talk about my 'diet'...............
My goodness I have been a monster! It has been a case of eating on the go this last week and a half but really??? I had a MacDonalds yesterday ( it goes against my principles but it tasted lovely ) I had fish and chips last night, I had a big fat ice cream today ...........
and then I had this .............
and even though I had skimmed milk in my tea I don't really think that's going to make a whole lot of difference to my calorie intake.
I am obviously rebelling against the system. Those stickers may be tempting but my non diet worked. I am too busy to really care what I do but enough is enough, I need to eat some apples and salad tomorrow before I fall over on my back and am unable to get up like the proverbial tortoise, a very fat proverbial tortoise. I am going to shop tomorrow and buy some 'super foods' . I actually think that chocolate and wine is absolutely super but I mean beans and pulses and stuff like that.
I can hardly contain my excitement.
And on to the quiz.
Well it wasn't as busy as normal but the people there were cracking. Apart from the fat bloke sat on the table next to me. The Bookworms were joined by 2 of the team member's family members and they split into  boys versus girls teams. After the first half the girls were in the lead.....................but the boys won! There was threatens of eviction, there may have been the word 'divorce' used, there was a lot of gloating and a few naughty words I'm sure. But it was all good fun.
Apart from fatty boom boom sat next to me.
I had asked the question - ''if you list all the counties of England alphabetically which one comes last''
The answer is Worcestershire but old wobble guts said it was Yorkshire and I said that WEST Yorkshire, NORTH Yorkshire and SOUTH Yorkshire didn't come last alphabetically and he got a bit shirty. I told him I had checked on Wikipedia and it was correct and he said he had googled it on his smart phone and I was wrong and I said you shouldn't be using your smart phone at a quiz and his crushing ( or so he thought ) final line was...........wiat for it, it's good...........
So I said what did that have to do with the price of cheese he was still wrong and then his wife told him to shut up and then he went to the bar and the barman asked if he was enjoying the quiz and he said yes apart form her ( thumbing at me ) said it wasn't Yorkshire and I shouted Worcestershire and he said well even if it WAS Yorkshire, which it is, then we wouldn't have won and I said well why are you still going on about it you dumb git ( I didn't say 'you dumb git' I just thought it ) and then he sat down and was silent.
So all in all a good night!
My cankle is up and down still but is no longer sore.
I now think I have an ear infection in my right ear. I am dizzy and I staggered when I was in the kitchen. I am going to have some wine now to give me a reason to stagger.
And then I am going to go to bed and dream of mung beans.

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  1. Oh you and your whirl of a life. Get back on that non-diet. SW makes one fat. I should know - I'm over a stone heavier than when I first joined.