Sunday, 11 August 2013

Nobody has ever burnt their mouth on a lettuce - damn you, creme brulee!

So my kids were not kidding when the poor ashen faced, sunken eyed little angels cried
so I couldn't put it off any longer and went shopping.
I don't like shopping. That's why computers and the internet were invented. Actually I like shopping shopping but not food shopping. It sucks and as I had woken up at 6.23 am and hadn't been able to get back to sleep I wasn't really in the mood.
Mum in law is out of hospital and is tired but recovering. I texted her to ask if they wanted any shopping and she sent a text back that struck terror into my very soul.
''Can Bill come with you?''.
Bill is my father in law and he is good as gold, but can often be a little cantankerous. I said I would take him though and made M come along too for moral support. It took me about 20 minutes just to get out of St Ives and after peeping at people and being peeped at myself and muttering a few naughty words under my breath we arrived at Morrisons and Bill announced that he hadn't brought his glasses or his hearing aid or his shopping list. I got him his trolley and my own trolley and zipped off in true supermarket sweep style pretending I hadn't heard him.
I wasted no time.
Fruit? Yes
Veg? Yes
Fish? Yes
Meat? Yes
Dried Goods? Yes
Crème Brulee? Oh no! How did this end up in my fridge?
Yes, you've guessed it, the non diet isn't going too well again and I love crème brulee. Its my fave puddy after the STP and I have just grilled it and was so eager to slurp it that I have burnt my mouth.
I think there are lessons to be learned today.
1. You don't slurp crème brulee when its still hot.
2. Nobody ever burnt their mouth on a lettuce.
But as my fridge and veg rack and fruit bowl are now bursting and fit to pop ( a bit like me really ) I have no excuse! Tomorrow I will be good. Even though that crème brulee is a twin pack and its' evil lookalike is sat there, ironically next to the fat free yogurt staring at me, I will resist.
I will, really.
And the sign that I am getting old myself today must be my sheer despair that I couldn't find one of my slippers. I have now spied it on the shed roof. Freddy is looking guilty but I am not going to get it as I am afraid there may be beasties in it.
Oh and we have a terraced garden with the sheds at the bottom incase any of you were thinking that my dogs can climb. They can't.

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