Thursday, 29 August 2013

Oh September I can smell you.............

So you may not remember me, faithful blog readers. I have been a flighty blogger over the last few weeks. I have been too busy - work wise and social life wise which is good. A busy mind is a happy mind, or something along those lines. Last Saturday was the last nasty one of the season and although we are still busy -  September is  just so much nicer.
These are a few of the things that have happened.
M passed her GCSE's with flying colours.
I ate a large chocolate ├ęclair yesterday and had heartburn all night.
I went to the Newlyn Fish Festival and after having a panic attack when a wasp got in the car and then having to pay £5 each to get in and then eating a burger and an ice cream from St Ives companies and then deciding I don't really like fish, I think it will be the last time I go.
I have still been doing the quiz every Tuesday and it has meant some great laughs and meeting some lovely people. There has been the odd arsehole but the good outweighed the bad.
I have been drooling at Paul Hollywood in the Great British Bake Off.
X Factor starts again in 2 days and I am a bit giddy.
I have made some grand plans which I cant disclose at the moment.
My diet is up the swanny.
The weather has been fantastic.
The spaniels are still bonkers.
I haven't smashed anyone's head in this summer although the temptation is strong.
All in all it hasn't been a bad August but the thought of September being just a few days away really excites me. The sun will still shine, the crowds will be fewer, the nights will draw in, I can light my fire and the girls will go off to 6th form and back to university.
Back to relative normality.
Back to book group.
Back to writing group.
All in all - great!

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