Saturday, 3 August 2013

Bingo is the new black and a lot of moobs and cake.

So my working day is almost over thank goodness. I really don't like Saturdays. It was busy and hot and this seemed to give men of a certain age carte blanche ( ooh get me ) to expose their man breasts, or moobs as they're more commonly known. Don't get me wrong, I like nothing more than a nice bronzed chest to ogle at but when the moobs are almost as big as my own boobs and are covered in hair and there is a beer belly and speedos underneath then it's just not nice. Put it away lads - make way for the younger generation. I know many of you may be thinking that I haven't exactly got the body of a supermodel but I don't have bits of me hanging out and the odd hair that may poke out of my own chest is discreetly plucked.
I have had 2 cake related incidents today.
I was given a custard doughnut by my friend Steve and I was so eager to ram it in my mouth that I nearly choked to death on it. Thankfully I survived to write the tale and you would think this may be God's way of saying ''Liz, my child, if that had been a lettuce then you wouldn't have choked'' and I am pretty sure my reply would have been ''God, if that was a lettuce then I don't think I would have been so eager to scoffeth it''
Anyway, I obviously didn't learn my lesson and had another piece of cake later on. The lovely café that M works in does takeaway cake and I had this.........
I didn't choke on this one and I have to say it was like angels dancing on my tastebuds.
Now on tomorrow - It's that time of the week again - BINGO!
I have decided that Bingo is the new black. It is cool to go there, it is even cooler to call the numbers ( like what I do ) and there is some serious money to be won. Some of the punters spend a bomb on it and some of them I wouldn't want to meet up a dark alley but it is such a laugh. I love it.
I have a couple of friends coming and I am crossing my fingers that they win and then they can buy me a drink.
And as I think about my SW failure again and the fact that we will be having a Chinese tonight, well, it's over and out from number 8 -

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