Saturday, 16 February 2013

Sunshine - hooray! Shopping - booooo!

So it's February 16th and as I said yesterday, spring is in the air. Today the sun is out and it is almost quite warm!
Martha went off in search of interesting pictures of rocks for her textiles coursework and bravely took Maddie, our oldest and most intellectually challenged spaniel with her. This is one of the photos that she took and I have to say it is stunning.
It's still our secret at the moment as you will notice that there isn't a soul in sight. Just perfect.
But back to the mundane - I am putting off the inevitable and I have to go to the dreaded Tescos. We have virtually no food at all in our house and while I admit that I could probably go several weeks without starving to death, Al and Martha need feeding.
I like cooking but I'm not one of those people that can create a meal our of a chicken breast, some lentils and a slightly sprouting potato. My mother can but I need everything in front of me. I'm fairly inventive but not that clever.
I despise Tescos and any other supermarket with a vengeance and in the light of the current horsemeat in meat products scandal then my fire is well and truly fuelled. You may recall that I was going to dabble with a bit of vegetarianism a while ago ( I failed miserably ) but now I almost wish I had stuck at it. I do love meat but I don't like the fact that these big companies have lied to us all and god knows what we have been putting into our bodies. It's for this reason that I don't want to line their pockets any more than I have to, and I do  shop locally a lot of the time but sometimes you just have to go to the big boys for certain items.
I don't want to go but I have to and the one consulation is that there will be some merlot on offer and maybe some chocolate and I really should start behaving myself but after the week I have had I am not particularly motivated. It will also be busy but I reckon if I take a deep breath and leg it I can hammer it out within half an hour.
Wish me luck.

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