Sunday, 10 February 2013


So today was wet and miserable. Martha had public speaking practise and decided to make all sorts of naughty nibbles to go with it. Homemade meringues with double cream and strawberries are not good for those of us that are watching their weight. I am still watching my weight - I am watching it go up and up on my scales every day and I am sure tomorrow will be no exception when I hop on.
Diets suck. Especially on wet weekends.
Unfortunately my depression has crept back a bit in the last few days. I don't know where this black dog has come from but I wish it would run away pretty sharpish.
Is it the fact that I seem to be failing miserably at my renewed stab at being slim?
Am not sure but it is totally overwhelming when it hits. 
I am lucky to have lots of lovely friends that have suffered from the same or are just 'there' for me.
Some of them make me laugh lots - and tell me lots of funny tales.
My friend Mel has just returned from a holiday in Jamaica and had to endure a ten hour flight with 3 abusive drunks on board who were arrested as soon as the plane landed. She said it was like a ticking time bomb.
Personally I would need another holiday just to get over that sort of incident  but  thankfully she did enjoy herself eventually.
Tomorrow is another day.
I need a kick up my arse.
I need a magic wand.
 I need a bowl of the lovely stew that I have made.


  1. Oh Liz.

    Sometimes that black dog can come from nowhere. Try not to be too down on yourself about your weight. You are curvy and beautiful. Look at Monroe - not even Beyonce can top her curves.
    Take care of yourself. xx

  2. Hi Liz, have you tried the 5:2 fast that was featured on Horizon? I have been doing it for 4 weeks now and have lost inches and half a stone so far. Might be worth visiting the threads on Mumsnet about it. I have found only having to calorie restrict for two days a week is so much easier especially at weekends where I no longer have to calorie count. Look after yourself.