Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Darling, well thank you - I just LOVE my Bafta!

So tonight is the first night of our very intellectual writing group.

When I say 'group' there is actually 3 of us and it will be held in the warmth of a local pub and there will be alcohol and lots and lots of creative ideas bouncing between us....................... oh ok, ok, there will definitely be alcohol!

I am very excited. For those of you that know me, I love books and many a time I've read one and thought I could have written it better. I know my modesty may need keeping under control but that is how I feel.

The other 2  writers in our group are very clever and very funny and I hope we get on well and don't get all luvvyish and start throwing pre bafta tantrums. Or maybe that will just add to our creativity darling.

We each will have a new jotter and pen and there is an idea already brewing - I dont want to make assumptions but I personally would love Hugh Grant in the lead role but I know that one of the other writers will not. She thinks he is the devil. He is to her what quorn is to me.

So wish me luck - another new venture and one that I hope will be successful, and if not successful then most importantly, a good laugh.

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