Thursday, 7 February 2013

Pear cider - ouch.

So we had our very intellectual writer's group meeting and coincidentally there was also a quiz being played in the pub too. It would have been rude to say no, so not only are we intellectual writers we are also fantastic multi taskers .
The quiz was very different from the quiz that I was moaning about last week in that it was quite good fun. We weren't paying that much attention and still managed to scrape joint third where we then had the rather embarrassing task of having to do a tie breaker.
It was about Elvis Presley films so we basically had no chance. Our moment of glory was brief.
There was also chips which is never a bad thing.
But back to business - the writing went well. We all talked lots, we have come up with a great idea and I drank 2 pear ciders which is more cider than I have drunk for about 20 years so today I have had a headache and no internet. Martha has public speaking practise here tonight and there are lots of cakes in the kitchen. I have just had a slab of one of them and it tasted good.
There is no diet in my life this week. I cant write a bafta winner and eat salad. I am not being horrendous but my fruit bowl is empty and my dinner is not Slimming World friendly.
I will try harder next week.
Does pear cider count as one of my five a day???

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  1. As long as it is good for you then yes, pressed fruit is a-ok! ;) x