Sunday, 17 February 2013

My beautiful bush.

So the sun is still shining and the garden at the front of my house is a mess. We have lived here for 4 years and there are 2 gigantic lily bushes which seem to flourish without any care needed whatsoever. I unashamedly take credit for them when passers by point their cameras at the flowers and Lizzie fron the flower shop over the road has even nicked a couple for weddings ( not really nicked, swapped for wine ) when her suppliers have been short.
The first one of the year is now in bloom. It is perfect.
My Mum is a grand gardener and so is my friend Leanne - she inspires me with her patience and creativity with all things green. The problem with the bit of garden at the front of my house is that the soil isn't much cop and despite  me trying to get rid of some ancient bulbs last year, every year they come back and daffodils push through things that I have already planted.
I need a plan. First of all I need to get rid of all the weeds and rubbish that have blown in from the last few months. It's amazing the things that I find pushed into my flower beds when I have a good clear out.
 Cigarette ends.
 Cigarette packets.
 Chocolate wrappers.
Cans of beer.
 A half full bottle of vodka ( did you all notice my positivity there? )
 and even car keys.
If the weather remains dry, this year's haul of rubbish will be named, shamed and removed. I am then going to take up Leanne's offer from last week and go to a garden centre and , well, get stuff to plant.
My lilies will no longer be this space.

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