Friday, 15 February 2013

It's good to squawk.

So we are over halfway through February and today the kids broke up for a week. This means nothing to me now as I only have one teenager left at home and they're not notorious for getting up early and demanding to be taken swimming etc.
And  spring is definitely in the air.
It is  still chilly but the light is different, more mellow and the sun is trying its' hardest to peep through the clouds.
I can also hear the birds again which is lovely.
Having lived in Cornwall now for over half of my life, the main sounds of birds is that of the massive seagulls that love to squawk.
When I was last in  Northumberland and sitting in a friend of my Dad's garden having a coffee, I was astounded with how noisy the birds are up there. This is because they are not drowned out by the gulls. There are also lots and lots of huge trees in Northumberland, sort of high rise housing for all the north eastern feathered friends. So when I hear birds singing, I love it.
I had to nip out last night around 6 o clock and was thrilled to hear a rebel blackbird singing its' heart out. Thre is always one blackbird, generally bigger and blacker than all the others that stays up that little bit later.
My cat has been housebound for 3 months now due to building work outside and the sound of the birds voices ( plus the fact the builders have finished ) has prompted him to venture out again. He likes to sit on the shed roof underneath the seed feeders just hoping that a not so bright tit or sparrow will risk life and wing for a peanut or peck of suet ball and then his chance will come!
My friend and fellow blogger Leanne is lucky enough to have chickens - Beryl and Jean. I would LOVE to be able to have chickens but there chance of survival would be nil with 3 boisterous springer spaniels. Someone that used to live up our back lane had them and Daisy ( RIP ) gave chase once and returned with a mouthfull of tail feathers. I do see however that Beryl and Jean have trashed Leanne's new plants ( Beryl is the baddy, Jean just copies ) and I know that they have both been known to wander off  on a few occassions. Very stressful.
So for now, I will make do with listening and watching my little gang that live in the tree against my garden wall.... and hope that my cat keeps his distance.

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