Friday, 1 February 2013

Ignorance is not so bliss..... next stop baftas!

So last night I played in the quiz and the night was truly truly awful. We were a player short so I dragged along my friend Belinda, promising a 'fun night'.
There was no fun.
I started playing in the St Ives Quiz League round about 2001 and back in the day we used to have a laugh. We also used to win trophies. One year we won so many that I had to have a conservatory built to house them . There was a friendly rivalry between teams, there was banter, there was shits and giggles. My friend Debbie used to come along too but she escaped to the pool league.
 I took a couple of years off from it and returned last year but am not sure why.
This year we are currently bottom of the league. We haven't won a single game. The questions last night were horrendous ( sorry if the people that wrote them are reading this but they really were ) and our morale was at an all time low.
Thank god there was egg sandwiches on the buffet afterwards.
We have therefore made a decision as a team that this will be our last season. We lack any real knowledge of sport, we dont really care which countries the equator runs through, pop music to me is NOT who played the drums in some obscure 1960's group and frankly Thursday nights bore the hell out of me.
Its' one redeeming feature is some of the characters I have met along the way. One team's captain is a dead ringer for Harold Shipman ( without the charm ) , there is a couple of very strange 'arty' people and there is an individual fondly knows as Lord Voldermort by the league who is known for his theft of art from old people, showing up at funerals for the wake grub, emptying the remains of the buffet into his man bag for 'his cats' and the fact that he never buys a drink. Ah - I will miss them.
I do have a new project though - WRITING GROUP!
There are currently 4 of us, one of which is my friend and fellow blogger Leanne . She is currently babysitterless so may not be able to come but I am sure she will still contribute quietly from the warmth of her home. The other 2 and I will have a blast.
We will win a BAFTA.
And as long as there are egg sandwiches there ...............who needs a quiz?


  1. You'll miss Voldermort and his shennagins. xx

    And hooray fore, writing group. Such fun (as your favourite, Miranda might say).


  2. Liz, pop over to my blog and follow the instructions. Go on....xx