Wednesday, 28 November 2012

We all need a bit of comfort

So the diet is still not happening.
 I am too cold to eat salad. I want comfort food and therefore tonight's dinner is toad in the hole with mashed potatoes and onion gravy. Proper homemade toad in the hole with posh pork sausages with apple and sage.
 As they say in St Ives - ansum!
As they say in Alnwick - barrey!
Everybody loved it - well when I say everybody I mean myself, hubby and Martha. The spaniels liked the look of it too and I'm sure if the cat wasn't sleeping in the bottom of the airing cupboard in the bathroom then I am sure he would have twitched his nose appreciatively as well.
Tomorrow it's quiz night and our team is playing against the most disliked team in the whole league. Their 'captain' is referred to as many things - one of the kinder comparisons is Lord Voldermort. He has been known to cheat, he never buys a drink ( and tuts when we make one of our frequesnt trips to the bar) and at the end of the evening he scoops whatever food is left into his manbag, claiming it's for 'his cats'.
I would like to say I am joking but I'm not.
I hope tomorrow night's buffet consists of something soggy and it makes it harder for him to scoop.The venue we are playing at is not renowned for its' culinary fayre and last time I recall we had deep fried polenta and chips with curry sauce.
Not an egg sandwich in sight - maybe tomorrow would be a good day to resume my diet?

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