Monday, 26 November 2012

Brownies. storms, cardies and twitter!

So I haven't blogged for a few days. It's wet , it's miserable and I have been eating brownies so I haven't had the time or the inclination to put finger to keyboard.
Oh I also had to have a bloodtest today and whilst in the doctors I glanced at the stall that the old ladies run.
 Books, bric a brac, and hand knits a plenty!
It reminds me of the 1970's but in a good way. The 3 old dears were having a blast - sitiing in their special chairs, having a good old yarn and selling the odd plate or scarf. It's my friend and fellow blogger Leanne's dream job and I thought of her when I was snapping this pic of the handknitted cardies for today's blog. The old ladies were very suspicious and I think if there had been a security guard there then he would have been called. I obviously would have shown him my cotton wool and plaster dressing and pleaded insanity.
Most of Cornwall seems to have flooded apart from St Ives. On saturday night there were dozens of photos on Facebook of towns and villages under gallons of water but barely a sprinkle in our town.
I was indoors warm and cosy anyway with a gigantic brownie to keep me company. Martha made them and I have to say they were DEEELISH. There was a  lot of butter and sugar involved so I have avoided my scales for a few days now.
Now on to Twitter! I have fallen in love with it. Today alone for example, I have interracted with several friends and have declared war on Christopher Maloney's supporters ( well one of them, and she started it ) and it's fab! If anyone wants to follow MEEEEEEE! then please do .
I love writing and I love chatting so it combines both of them perfectly.
And incase you were all wondering about my 'diet'?
I too have been wondering where my mojo has gone.............I have been suffering from stress and anxiety recently ( dont be fooled by the chirpy exterior ) and any food to hand has been going in my mouth. I know I feel worse for it but am not in the right place at the moment.
I can still see my toes so that's good.
I can also still see some of that naughty brownie in the kitchen - god help me.

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