Sunday, 18 November 2012

Thank goodness for the pudding!

So I like beef and I like olives.
I do not like beef olives.
 Mine were a complete and utter flop. The beef unwrapped itself from around the sausages and ended up in crispy swirls nestled in between the carrots. Oh and I had forgotten how much I dislike beef sausages too so maybe logically it was a non starter from the outset :(

Luckily Martha had gone to her grandmother's house and made a blackforest bread and butter pudding which softened the blow of the horrible main course.
I am now having a glass of wine and waiting for X factor to start.
I have been given some helpful advice from a friend today and have a few positive plans for the future.
It's the second leg of the mini quiz league tomorrow night that will determine whether my team ( I can't remember the name we gave ourselves but think it may have been 'the no hopers'  ) get to go to the star studded final. Seeing as we came second bottom last week, this is not very likely.
I think it's more likely that I will attempt to cook beef olives again.

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