Monday, 12 November 2012

back to 3

So today we waved Hattie off................
She's not back til Christmas and I am feeling very low. I am glad that she is happy and loved being at uni but a few days is never enough to say all the things I want to say to her. Yes, I cried and to be honest, an hour after she has gone and I am still crying.
On a slightly jollier note I am playing in a quiz tonight at The Western Hotel. The ultimate prize tonight is £2000 and a star studded final and free pasties beckons. I went along to watch the final last year up in the wooky wilds of St Austell and I seem to recall there was a LOT of people in anoraks and some relatively famous people there.
Bearing in mind it is teams of 4 and we only have 3 mambers and none of us know anything whatsoever about sport then I am not holding my breath............


  1. Hmmm, yr comment about people in anoraks from St Austell may have the people in anoraks from St Austell quite irate, lol, aw she'll be back & swearing in Welsh b4 yu know it Liz, :)

  2. Aaah Liz. I'm dreading it - the boys leaving home. Also so sorry you are only three. Mum would have come up, but she's not left her sick bed all day. Good luck xx