Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Paws for thought

So November officially sucks. You wake up and it's dark and it never really gets light all day. In exactly 4 weeks time it was be 'C' and I still haven't bought a single present. I nearly bought one last night but managed to restrain myself. Plus, if the world is going to end on December 21st I really don't want to spend any money on anything until the day after...............if there is a day after, obviously. I also wont be putting my tree up before then either and the thought of Freddy the shredder and a tree in the same room is slightly worrying.
 Speaking of the spaniels, Mutley was having his morning play and started limping again this morning. He was apparently fine on his walkies this afternoon but is now looking very sorry for himself.
He can barely put his saw paw to the ground so it looks like another trip to Gemma the vet tomorrow.
Even Freddy knows that his partner in crime isn't up to his customary wrestle and romp so is sitting quietly. It's a sad day for the four legged members of our house today.I hate it when the animals are ill - they cant tell you how much pain they are in and those big brown  eyes are tugging on my heart strings.
All the brownies are now gone but my fruit bowl remains full. I know I know I know that I need to get a grip and start eating healthily, but I just feel so uninspired at the moment.
Fat club is a dim and distant memory  - I just need to find my mojo. The problem is, with the weather as it is all we wear is thick leggings and baggy jumpers so waistbands don't come into the equation.
I miss my massive SW breakfasts. I even miss my swiss roll and couscous cake.My only social engagement in the next week is the book group 'C' do a week from now so I could really try and have a virtuous few days until then.
Or........I could ask Martha to make some more brownies.

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